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    Some people steal with a smile and a Credit Card.

    ChargeBacks are a $40 Billion Dollar annual problem in the U.S.

    Many businesses are lucky enough not to encounter a disputed charge where a client wants a free product or a service.

    But today, with more and more consumers armed with Credit Card Fraud education, it has become an epidemic.

    Issuing Banks and Card Networks have implemented EMV Terminals and Chip imbedded Cards to combat fraud, they have even shifted the responsibility to the business owner if not using the proper equipment.

    What if the merchant complies with all the rules and regulations of the card holder agreement and has the proper equipment implemented still receives disputes and chargebacks?

    What if the client wants free liquor or a free TV?

    What if they purposely sign with the wrong name?

    What if they claim they never received the delivery of an item ordered?

    Merchant Firm has mastered the art of winning Chargebacks for business owners all across the country. We know all the inns and outs of the Chargeback department. With over nine years of fighting fraud for our merchants, we are knowledgeable with every industry and with every type of Chargeback. 

    We know what to write, more importantly what NOT to write to win the dispute

    We will take your dispute, handle all the paperwork, handle all the follow up calls and  keep you posted until we get a positive result which is funds back in your bank account.

    First chargeback is disputed at no charge.

    We charge 5% for all disputes that we win and 1% if we loose. (we do not take cases that have a very low probability of winning)

    We have a 98% winning history

    Fax or E-Mail your ChargeBack Notification along with any and all documents related to:

    866-941-8554 or Sales@MerchantFirm.com

    After sending all paperwork, call 833-637-3476 to confirm receipt of documents and to let us know the details pertaining to the Dispute.