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    Cash Advance is not a loan, it is a purchase of your future Credit Card transactions!

    Does your business need extra cash to do renovations or purchase equipment, expend, open a second location?

    Merchant Firm can help you get the cash you need, within three business days.

    We take four months of Credit Card Processing and four months of business bank statements along with an application.

    Once approved, you qualify for 110% of the monthly volume. For example, if your business does $30,000.00 per month then you qualify for $33,000.00 of a Cash Advance.

    Once you get funded, we take a portion of the settled batch for that day to repay the advance, and we do this every day until the amount get paid I full.

    Example: ABC Pizza Corp needs $25,000.00 for new equipment and minor renovations. Their monthly Credit Card volume is $30,000.00 which means they do an average of $1000.00 per day. Their total pay back amount will be $34,750 We will fund 80% to their bank account and take 20% of their daily batch to repay the Advance which comes to $200.00 per day. With this volume, it will take ABC Pizza Corp 174 days to repay the $25,000.00 they got funded. Just under seven months.

    Call 833-MER-FIRM or E-Mail Sales@MerchantFirm.com for more information